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Welcome to our website

Professional Computer Repair Service, Expert Virus and Adware Removal from Your Apple or Mac Laptops to iPhones Serving Pearland City, Alvin, Galveston, Webster, Houston, Sugarland, Friendswood, Missouri City, League City, TX

Computers fill up most of our day-to-day work and life. From important work emails, precious family pictures to daily notes and other important stuff. Every file and data is electronically stored in hard drives and other cloud storage. Unless you back it up religiously, all the precious data accumulated is bound to be gone. Surprisingly, most businesses today are still unaware of the importance of having their data backup. Thus they are exposed to the risks of data loss or destruction as there are more and more viruses threatening all computer systems these days. Malicious programs can prey on any data that is capable of bringing any business or personal PCs to a complete stop. A regular data backup will spare your business that fatal event of having to undergo data recovery in the future. Performing data backups is the fail-safe method of preparing yourself for data recovery. This applies to both personally-owned data or any data used for businesses. Today, having an efficient data recovery plan is considered a priority. Advance preparation and a little tuneup on your computer system would not hurt.

As early as 1991, iRepairBrokenLaptops.com has been Pearland’s premier repair shop for laptop computers. Our team is highly skilled in finding the right solution to your laptop problems, which may include hard drive failures, motherboard short-circuits, broken screen, tuneup and data recovery from your PCs, iPhones, Apple and Macs. Fixing this yourself can be a tedious and risky task but in iRepairBrokenLaptops.com we make sure that technicians will make your gadgets good as new. Today, our service area has expanded to Alvin, Friendswood, Webster, Missouri City, League City and nearby cities making iRepairBrokenLaptops.com, the preferred one-stop shop for all computer repair service in Pearland, Texas.

Impeccable and Fast Repair Services

Besides our team’s expertise in fixing your laptop’s broken screen parts and components, our company stronghold is the assurance of us using the tools and materials with premium standards available in the market, assuring you matchless quality of our every work. May it be from laptop hard drive upgrading, broken screen, simple tuneup to overheating problems, we attend to our tasks with utmost focus and undivided attention to the last detail. We understand that your day’s tasks do not need to include dealing with utility matters. Let the professional team of iRepairBrokenLaptops.com take care of your computer repair concerns and we assure you a hassle-free living, free from all the stress your Macs, Apple, iPads, iPhones, and PCs might be causing you.

Software Related Problems? Leave it to iRepairBrokenLaptops.com

The most inconvenient problems we may have in our computers can be virus penetrations and adware installations. Rest assured that with our competent and practiced technicians your computer would soon be free from all software related problems that bug your computer and you.

Convenient access to Computer Repair Services

iRepairBrokenLaptops.com is open to serve the entire city of Pearland. The staff of iRepairBrokenLaptops.com is fitting to accept repair work from clients within Pearland City, Alvin, Galveston, Webster, Houston, Sugarland, Friendswood, Webster, Missouri City, League City and nearby cities.

20 years of Satisfaction-Guaranteed Work

As we have been in service to Pearland City for over 20 years, we are honored to uphold high esteem from our loyal customers who continue to endorse us to their friends and family because of the satisfaction they get from our fair assessments and workmanship. Our primary goal is to get the job done on time and the first time we do it.

Our team of professional technicians are reachable through the Emergency Computer Repair Hotline. Call us now and we’ll give you a FREE ASSESSMENT of your Laptop, iPads, iPods, iPhones, and PCs. We have a NO FIX-NO FEE policy assuring our customers of our no-nonsense system in dealing with your gadgets with utmost delicacy in the fastest way we could.

Laptop & PC Repair

Broken Laptop Repair can REPAIR or REPLACE the following broken laptop components or parts:

  • Laptop monitor
  • Laptop LCD
  • Laptop screen
  • Laptop inverter
  • Laptop jack
  • Laptop power connector
  • Laptop keyboard
  • Laptop CD / DVD drive
  • Laptop hinge
  • Laptop fan
  • Laptop cover
  • Laptop case
  • Laptop hard drive
  • Laptop motherboard
  • Laptop power switch
  • Laptop power supply

Is your laptop suffering any of the following issues?

  • Running Slowly or Taking Too Long To Boot?
  • Windows Failing To Boot?
  • Making A Loud Whirring Noise?
  • Having Problems Connecting To The internet?
  • Spyware or Virus related problem?
  • Overheating Problems
  • Wireless Networking Configuration
  • Laptop & Computer upgrades
  • Driver & Software updates Failing?
  • Blue Screen Error?
  • Laptop Won’t Power on?
  • Need A laptop memory upgrade?
  • Uninitated Shutdown Problems?
  • Laptop Harddrive Upgrade?
  • Missing Keys?
  • Data Recovery  & Backup
  • Computer Tune- up Service

All work is guaranteed, so if we don’t solve your computer problem, you don’t pay. We also give 7 days 100% money back satisfaction guarantees.Simply call us to select an appointment time that fits your schedule. We offer same day, next day, after hours, and weekend service.

Follow us:

"John is awesome I have been a customer since I moved to Pearland in 2005. His prices are reasonable and he goes above and beyond to help me. He is very knowelegble about all products. I highly recommend anyone who have computer problem to go and see John." — Edward Jasmine, http://www.irepairbrokenlaptops.com/

"Honest and knowledgeable technicians like John are rare these days, which, unfortunately, I could not include my own technician friends with him. They lead customers to believe they do all the work themselves when in fact they send laptops out, and thus, more or less are middle men. John is a bonafide technician who knows his staff, and does the work himself, including low level component repairs. He earns his money. Thanks John. Regards," http://www.irepairbrokenlaptops.com/

"I had my computer repaired at this computer shop, and I was very please for his professionalism and his turn around time. Thank You John." — Moe F., http://www.irepairbrokenlaptops.com/

"I have been coming here for years! They do GREAT work and are very fast and charge very reasonable prices. I will never go anywhere else for computer repair! Thanks for everything!" — Beverly McDonald, http://www.irepairbrokenlaptops.com/

"My computer was toast until I stopped by, you guys saved my life by repairing my laptop. John is the MAN!!!" — Lonnie Mathews,http://www.irepairbrokenlaptops.com/

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