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The Trusted Repair Specialists; Data Recovery, FBI Virus Removal, Backup Data Repair, Screen Repair, DC Jack Repair and more

Serving Pearland, Alvin, Friendswood, Galveston, Houston, Sugarland, Webster and Missouri City

Just like any other household items, computers, laptops and gadgets like an apple iphone and other smartphones take in a lot of abuse and will succumb to wear and tear due. Smartphones and other gadgets are prominent parts of your work life and personal activities, it’s quite inevitable that these devices won’t be able to avoid accidental damages or even gets infected with a random virus or the fbi virus on computers or laptops. No matter how careful we are with gadgets, the chances of getting it dropped or spilled on is inevitable. Also, everyone drops their iPhone or iPod touch from time to time.

Before you bring your computer, laptop or iphone to the manufacturer, iRepairBrokenLaptops.com can easily fix your problems in no time. iRepairBrokenLaptops.com is the place to go to in Pearland TX. We have experienced repair professionals to solve any computer, laptop or apple iphone problems without doing any further damage to it. We have an extensive experience in Data Recovery, FBI Virus Removal, Backup Data Repair, Screen Repair, DC Jack Repair, effective fix and solutions to any Apple iphone issues and excellent customer service. We are the trusted repair shop that caters to nearby cities in Pearland, Alvin, Friendswood, Houston, Webster and Missouri City. If you want your laptops or any gadget to perform at its peak all the time, we have the following services below to help.

Our Services include:

  1. Macbook/Pro/Air Logic Board Repair
  2. iMac Logic Board & LCD Repair
  3. Mac Water, Coffee, Juice etc. liquid damage motherboard Repair
  4. Macbook power on no display problem solution
  5. Mac over heating, very hot problem solution
  6. Macbook/Pro/Air broken LCD Panel repair
  7. iPad1 & iPad 2 LCD & Touch panel repair
  8. Apple Mac software problems solution
  9. Mac wireless networking and Printing setup
  10. Macbook/Pro/Air body & keyboard replacement
  11. Mac OS installation and support for 10.4 (Tiger) 10.5 (Leopard), 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion)
  12. Macbook/Pro/Air spinning wheel problem solution
  13. Mac virus/spyware removal
  14. iPod, iPhone LCD Replacement
  15. Macbook/Pro/Air Battery and charger available
  16. Mac Hardware upgrades like Ram and Hard Drive
  17. Time Capsule, Airport Extreme setup and installation
  18. Mac wireless data backup setup
  19. iPhone, iPad, Mac data sync setup
  20. Macbook/Pro/Air LCD and Body cleaning services.



Having problems with your computer? Slow processing laptop? Corrupted IPhone? Relax folks! Pearland, Texas premier computer repair service is right here to help you with your worries. From virus and adware removal, broken parts replacement, slow booting computer, problems connecting to the internet, and the like, we got you covered. We have more than 24 years of experience in this work so you rest be assured that we know what we are doing. Not only do we service the entire area of Pearland, Texas, but we have customers from neighbouring areas such Alvin, Friendswood, and Manvel.

Computer repair service offered

These are just some of the repair service we can help you with:
Virus and adware removal – when undetected, your computer, laptop, and even your I-Phone, can be severely affected in its performance. Worse, all your important files may be deleted.

Computer upgrade   we can transfer all your old files to your new unit without any adverse effects and confusion.

Data recovery and back–up – no matter how large the memory of all your files lost, we can recover it to as high as even 100%!

Broken laptop components – we can repair or replace laptop components such as screen, hard drive, fan, keyboard, cd / dvd drive, motherboard, and other defective components. You don’t have to purchase a new unit!

Why us?

We believe that every customer of ours should be treated as to his complete satisfaction. An unsatisfied client is much worse than dealing with the competition. We have a no fix – no fee policy to assure our loyal clientele that we believe in doing our work 100% correctly and get it done the first time. A satisfied customer is our best promotion for our company. Just ask our wide scope of customer base who have been our partners for more than 24 years!

Customers from neighbouring areas such as Alvin, Friendswood, and Manvel, have decided avail of our services as compared other computer repair shop near them. This is proof enough that our loyal customers have even recommended us to folks from these areas.

So don’t wait for your computer, laptop, and I-Phone to completely breakdown. We even give you a rough estimate of the total repair cost before actual repair is performed. You can always ask for a second opinion from another shop.

At iRepairBrokenLaptops.com, we are the experts in Virus and adware removal, data recovery and back-up,computer upgrade, and others! This did not come from us but from our clients in Pearland, Alvin, Friendswood and Manvel!

For more information, please contact us:
Address: 6831 W. Broadway Suite C. Pearland, Tx 77581

Tel: (832) 736-9099



If your computer is running slow, takes forever to boot-up or locks up occasionally, this may be a sign that it has some malware, bloated or corrupted start-up files and/or registry and other problematic issues. Bring your computer into iGoFixIt and we will perform our certified Computer Tune-up. You will notice improved speed and processing as well as faster boot-up times.

Our technicians will:
Upgrade your drivers and security patches Clean up any unnecessary files and directories Check your software & hardware performance Recommend software updates or hardware upgrades that will enhance performance
We are your computer tune-up experts. Sure there are a lot of do-it-yourself software programs and tutorials out there but what if something goes wrong? What if there is a slight glitch? Come see how affordable it is to have a professional, computer expert analyze and tune-up your PC. We will get it done right.



There are basically two reasons why people need data recovery and transfer services.


If the computer is broken beyond repair, many times it is possible to retrieve your important information from your hard drive. A professional computer expert from iRepairBrokenLaptops can find your lost data and transfer it to a secure location for your safe-keeping. Do you really want to trust your data to a novice or try and do-it-yourself. If the hard drive gets damaged or accidentally erased, it gets exponentially harder to recover the data. Start off right and contact us. Let our trained technicians using the latest equipment recover your important data.


If you buy a new computer, it can be a daunting task moving all your important data from your old computer to the new one. Let the experts and irepairbrokenlaptops help you. They will securely remove all the data you want from your old hard drive and transfer it to your new one, safely. Don’t take a chance at losing your important information. Trust the experts at iRepairBrokenLaptops.



Don’t throw away that laptop, tablet or smartphone because your LCD screen is broken. iRepairBrokenLaptops can expertly replace that LCD screen often at a lower cost than even replacing it yourself. Finding the correct screen and having the right tools to do the job right is very important. If you want your computer or phone looking like new, then consider letting the professionals replace that LCD screen.



Software has become complex especially in network environments. iRepairBrokenLaptops will properly install and test your software to ensure it is working properly with proper access. If you need software updates and upgrades, iRepairBrokenLaptops can help you by expertly upgrading your software to run “glitch-free”.

Nothing is more frustrating or time-consuming than a software program that locks up or does not work properly. The computer experts at iRepairBrokenLaptops can determine if it is a software issue, hardware conflict or maybe something else all together. Let us help you get your computer running efficiently.



iRepairBrokenLaptops provides professional web site design and search engine marketing services. Whether you need a new web site or redesign of your current one, MicroCache can help you get the Internet presence to bring you leads.


WordPress powered websites look very professional and our clients love the fact that they can maintain the content if needed. WordPress web sites are search engine friendly and provide a solid foundation for any web presence.


With the major search engines (especially Google) focusing valuable page space to local search results, it is more important than ever to get a solid local search presence. Getting your profile on these Local sites as well as Yellowpages style directories is integral to any web marketing plan.


Whether it’s natural (organic) rankings or paid search, we can help your web site rank higher than ever using optimization techniques that are authorized and ethical. These rankings once achieved yield better results and last longer than black-hat techniques that will only get your site banned.


Integrating social media such as Facebook, Twitter and others into your web marketing is becoming more and more important. Facebook is the most engaged internet resource online. We can help you get business class presence to help send traffic to your website and your business.


Want to sell something on the Internet? We have one of the best programs on the Internet. Fast deployment of e-commerce websites with content management by client or we can help you run all aspects of your online store. Cost effective solutions with focus on mobile marketing and social media integration.

Interested? Contact us for a free consultation to determine how much of our services you need.

Laptop & PC Reepair

Broken Laptop Repair can REPAIR or REPLACE the following broken laptop components or parts:

  • Laptop monitor
  • Laptop LCD
  • Laptop screen
  • Laptop inverter
  • Laptop jack
  • Laptop power connector
  • Laptop keyboard
  • Laptop CD / DVD drive
  • Laptop hinge
  • Laptop fan
  • Laptop cover
  • Laptop case
  • Laptop hard drive
  • Laptop motherboard
  • Laptop power switch
  • Laptop power supply

Is your laptop suffering any of the following issues?

  • Running Slowly or Taking Too Long To Boot?
  • Windows Failing To Boot?
  • Making A Loud Whirring Noise?
  • Having Problems Connecting To The internet?
  • Spyware or Virus related problem?
  • Overheating Problems
  • Wireless Networking Configuration
  • Laptop & Computer upgrades
  • Driver & Software updates Failing?
  • Blue Screen Error?
  • Laptop Won’t Power on?
  • Need A laptop memory upgrade?
  • Uninitated Shutdown Problems?
  • Laptop Harddrive Upgrade?
  • Missing Keys?
  • Data Recovery  & Backup
  • Computer Tune- up Service

All work is guaranteed, so if we don’t solve your computer problem, you don’t pay. We also give 7 days 100% money back satisfaction guarantees.Simply call us to select an appointment time that fits your schedule. We offer same day, next day, after hours, and weekend service.

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"John is awesome I have been a customer since I moved to Pearland in 2005. His prices are reasonable and he goes above and beyond to help me. He is very knowelegble about all products. I highly recommend anyone who have computer problem to go and see John." — Edward Jasmine, http://www.irepairbrokenlaptops.com/

"Honest and knowledgeable technicians like John are rare these days, which, unfortunately, I could not include my own technician friends with him. They lead customers to believe they do all the work themselves when in fact they send laptops out, and thus, more or less are middle men. John is a bonafide technician who knows his staff, and does the work himself, including low level component repairs. He earns his money. Thanks John. Regards," http://www.irepairbrokenlaptops.com/

"I had my computer repaired at this computer shop, and I was very please for his professionalism and his turn around time. Thank You John." — Moe F., http://www.irepairbrokenlaptops.com/

"I have been coming here for years! They do GREAT work and are very fast and charge very reasonable prices. I will never go anywhere else for computer repair! Thanks for everything!" — Beverly McDonald, http://www.irepairbrokenlaptops.com/

"My computer was toast until I stopped by, you guys saved my life by repairing my laptop. John is the MAN!!!" — Lonnie Mathews,http://www.irepairbrokenlaptops.com/